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I have been doing Martial arts my whole life. I personally have no specific style, but I have a 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate. I equally enjoy all interpretations of Karate-do. I also love training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, wrestling, and Muay Thai. While living in Japan, I also trained in Judo.

Here are some pictures from different publications with friends.

© Alan Godshaw

Cuban Punch Up

My mom and I.

On this glorious day, I would like to share with you something of an intimate nature. My mother was born in Matanzas Cuba and successfully escaped to America. I feel as emotional as that may have been for her, the especially emotional part was being separated from her parents for a whole year before reuniting. I really can’t imagine how heart-wrenching that must have been for my mother and my grandparents. Despite everything they went through, there are no two people more full of life and love than my mother, and my grandmother. Undoubtedly, my mother is equally strong as she is compassionate. It must have taken incredible resolve to go through it that. My mother now teaches Karate for a living. Recently, I stumbled across a wonderful BBC documentary following the journey of the Havana City Boxing Club’s national team. It is really amazing to see how skilled these children are at their craft. These kids are aiming for Olympic medals, which could change their whole lives. I watched this documentary partly as a metaphor for my mom overcoming adversity and partly because I love Boxing.

Watch this documentary.

I don’t want to give away any of the film’s content, but it does showcase a Havana and Matanzas Boxing rivalry, the state of modern-day Cuba and how resilient these kids are to put up with so much bureaucracy. Even if you don’t have a mom that escaped from Cuba, you can still enjoy the documentary; It may change your perception of how fortunate we are, especially if you live in North America. I am inspired by all of the fighters, especially Cristian, whose father was a Boxing Olympic gold medalist. I’m sure there is no pressure on him to be an overachiever, right? In any event, watching Cristian shadow box is poetry in motion.

Such a boss!

Cristian Martinez
The Leonardo of the group

Please enjoy,

Street Fighter One

I’ve never seen this before! That’s probably because it only happens when Ryu loses to Ken (catch my drift?)

Ryu - I wish you good luck

Even Ryu had some difficult moments to work through! OKAY? Ok.

Street Fighter One FTW. Don’t ever give up on your dreams.


Am I a Werewolf?

It's Proof!

Yes, verily I say unto thee, I am a werewolf.

Behold! The picture to the left is what I drew when Mr. Broberg, my wonderful 2nd-grade teacher, asked us to draw what we wanted to be for Halloween. Naturally, I drew myself as a werewolf.

It's Proof!
Most righteous Halloween ever. Ever.

The picture to the right is the happiest child you have ever seen. I couldn’t even grimace for the photo because I was smiling so much. I still look the same, just hairier.

I will always be grateful to my mother, who is the most amazing mom on the planet for helping me put this lifestyle “costume” together. She cut the large hairy parts from a caveman wig we had, and glued them to my clothes, she also sewed the ears to the headpiece, so pretty much all the hard parts. I watched in awe how she made a dream of mine and many others come true, and I have been inspired by her countless times since.

Please enjoy,