My absolutely beloved and astounding friends
Please enjoy your stay here, like floating through a lupine meadow, or any regular laser forest full of wolves.

Alan M. Godshaw


Big Little Lies
Dear White People
Moonbase 8
Magic & Mischief

New Media
Stolen – Wine/Spirits
The Fat One
Dockers – Game Day Mascots
Look at mE-Cigarettes
Shifting Blue
Nishi Kawaguchi
The Companion Center
Super Special

A Table two Chairs, a Bench
An Evening of Short Stuff
What and Give up Show Biz!
A Little of This and That

Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio: Scene Study – Shannon Sturges
Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio: Technique – Indrani DeSouza
Movement and Emotional Play – Amritha Kuar
Killian’s Commercial Workshop – Killian McHugh
Killian’s Callback Workshop – Killian McHugh
Margie Haber Studio – Barbara Gannen: Scene Study & Cold Reading
Improv 101 – Upright Citizens Brigade – Hal Rudnick
Improv 201 – Upright Citizens Brigade – Drew DiFonzo Marks
Improv 201 – Seminar: Exploring the Game – Mary Holland
Improv 301 – Upright Citizens Brigade – Ben Siemon
Improv 401 – Upright Citizens Brigade – Todd Fasen
Sketch Writing – Upright Citizens Brigade – Allan McLeod

Special Skills
Martial Arts – 5th Dan Shotokan Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.
I do Long-form Improv, and absurd character work.
I speak conversational Japanese, and Spanish.
I compose music, write calligraphy, and screenplays.

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