Cuban Punch Up

My mom and I.

On this glorious day, I would like to share with you something of an intimate nature. My mother was born in Matanzas Cuba and successfully escaped to America. I feel as hard as that may have been for her, the really hard part was that she was without her parents for a whole year before they reunited. I really can’t imagine how difficult that must have been for her. Despite everything she went through, there is no other person more full of life and love than my mother. Undoubtedly, she is equally strong as she is compassionate. It must have taken incredible resolve to get through it all. She teaches Karate for a living, I know, right? Recently, I stumbled across a wonderful BBC documentary following the journey of the Havana City Boxing Club’s national team. It is really amazing to see how skilled these children are at their craft. The kids are aiming at an Olympic medal, which could literally change their whole world. I watched this documentary partly as a metaphor for my mom overcoming adversity and partly because I love Boxing.

Watch this documentary!

I don’t want to give away any of the film, but it does showcase a Havana and Mantanzas Boxing rivalry, the state of modern day Cuba and how resilient these kids are to put up with so much hierarchic bullshit. Even if you don’t have a mom that escaped from Cuba, you can enjoy this documentary, if only to change your perception of how fortunate we are. I am inspired by one of the kids, Cristian, whose father was a Boxing Olympic gold medalist. I’m sure there is no pressure on him to be an overachiever, right? In any event, watching him shadow box is poetry in motion.

This kid is a baller, no doubt.

The Leonardo of the group






Please enjoy,

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  1. Hijo, tu eres un campion! You are so generous, thank you for the loving words. My heart is beating though my physical being! Amor!


  2. Dad and I just finished watchin’ the documentary; really emotional for me to watch, but we really enjoyed it. I look forward to cheering him on in the Olympics! Amor!


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