About Me

Flipping Out

 My absolutely beloved friends

Please enjoy your stay here, like a walk in a lupine meadow, or any regular laser forest.


My intention is to go on adventures, be weird while moving the planet one millimeter. Going on journeys with my friends and loved ones is the motivation for me to have any money at all. Time is neat, so I guess I have to do “good” on this planet since I’m going to die someday.

Let’s make a million dollars cooperatively by doing projects for everyone’s benefit. Living in Los Angeles, I have met some of the most creative artists, driven performers, and hilarious human beings that it motivates me to become better. I have a long way to go, but that doesn’t bother me.

I’ve taken the Upright Citizens Brigades’ Improv curriculum, I love it, and wish to get better. Learning is my favorite process, although, I’m just OK at it. The Game is a cool concept to explore, so I suggest we make a team and eat pizza all of the time.


Acting is an interesting path to pursue. I take classes from Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio and I am really enjoying myself. I have taken Improv from UCB through the 401 level and have also done Killian’s Commercial and Callback workshops. I will continue to live as authentically as possible for as long as I can.

Music is what I use to express my gratitude for every ridiculous moment’s beauty and majesty. Although I own a very small USB keyboard, I try my very best to utilize it to show how grateful I am to this place and all you earthlings. Music is an extension of my emotional being!

Martial arts are fun, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling, and Karate are neat. I do martial arts to express myself physically. Martial arts are a vehicle for me to explore my potential as a human being. Training has made me into a lunatic, but I won’t hurt people.


I’m fascinated by human languages. I speak English, some Japanese, and some Spanish. I had to teach myself to read Japanese so I could understand Fist of the North Star. Applied Behavior Analysis is my favorite “language.” The concept of reinforcement is the most important principle of ABA, and the most important concept I have ever learned. Ever.

One time I met Billy Blanks at a Brazilian festival in Japan. He was promoting his new donut shop endeavor, which is amazing, but what mattered most to me was that he was kind, and he was. What a complete success! I am a huge fan of anyone who is kind to others.

One time a bird flew in my room, I “enchanted” it with a flute, and it stayed for an hour. A coyote and I played around for awhile in some mist. I was headbutted by a goat while laying on the ground. I once lost a fight to a deer. I believe in science, empirical data, and that human beings are capable of overwhelming greatness.

All my love in every possible world,

Alan GodshawScreen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.08.22 AM


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