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Little Ninjas IMdb

Yes, the beloved Disney film with three small children that do ninja stuff,
3 Ninjas copied our horrible and shitty movie. And while I am STILL upset over it, 20 years later, they clearly have the better film. Also, some acting classes could have helped our production value. Or just any classes. 

Little Ninjas

The only thing I have to say is that it took us 2 freaking years to finish this “film.” During post-production, my voice had changed so much that it sounded too low for my puny image on screen, and didn’t match other parts in the film since I sounded like an angsty teenage by this point. Their idea to remedy this was to ask me to speak in a higher voice to compensate. The rest is forgettable and mediocre history. Mind you, these are all adults that thought this was a good idea. I sounded like Mickey Mouse, and it is all their dullard minded faults. Subsequently, all of the sound people have died violent deaths from Hyena attacks. 

The sound people were stupid bastards. I hate them with a furious passion for making me sound like a tiny weasel. One of them went on to mix sound for a little film called Dances With Wolves. What an asshole!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.25.54 AM
Interesting use of some Hip Hop tropes.

Here are some amazing stills from our beautiful arthouse film.

Banjoo is my friend on the Left.

Here is the NES game that never was. Thanks to Christopher Steele for this gorgeous gem.

I would play this.

This film should have been an actual comedy. But adults were in charge.

He died as I COINCIDENTALLY was laughing.

I laughed 12 times during this actor’s death scene. He was just too excellent. Also, they kept one take IN THE FILM where I start to laugh and feebly attempt to change it into an “I’m about to cry” moment. I realize as I’m typing this that it was probably the best take. By far.

Mullets were popular that year.

My most flattering still from the film. My mom still enjoys my portrayal of my character creatively named “Alan.”

Please Enjoy, but don’t ever watch this,
Alan Godshaw

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am a fan of the “3 ninjas” movies, and hope to see your movie to some time. My niece and nephews also enjoy just about any martial arts movie with kids in it. It is awesome that you have a sense of humor about it and don’t let the critics get to you.

    • Haaha! Thank you very much. Yeah, I live in Hollywood now, so it really does help to have a sense of humor about things like that. Thank you for your comment and high fives all around to you and your niece and nephews!

  2. *Bump

    Hey man! I watched Little Ninjas the other day. Yep pretty bad but still enjoy it. How old are you now? IMDB says 1979?

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