Companion Center


A story about internet dating site rejects taking hold of their destiny.

We were at our friend’s house one evening when Becca Hunter got her phone out and prompted everyone to do fake dating videos. We explored that theme and made these wonderful videos a week later. There are more characters in the works, but first things first. After two days of deciding on a name that wasn’t already taken, Patrick suggested, ‘Companion Center.’ The rest is history! Patrick and I wrote our respective scenes, but Johnny improved his whole scene, a talented feat that always amazes me. Please enjoy.

Ronald Silmap
Patrick is also an amazing graphic designer. Please take a look at his web page, Interiorstate.

Johnny is represented by Lemon Lime Agency. Check him out, he is hilarious.

Audio and Voice Over by Chris Dowske, owner of Dowske sound, he’s a pro, see.

Becca Hunter

All-Star Cast
Patrick McPheron – Director of Photography
Chris Dowske – Sound
J – Johnny Smith
Ronald Silmap – Patrick McPheron
Carl Weather Jr. – Alan Godshaw
Voice Over – Chris Dowske
Alan Godshaw and Joshua Yeargain – Theme Song

Companion Center
Where Lover’s Meet.


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