My absolutely beloved and astounding friends
Please enjoy your stay here, like floating through a lupine meadow, or any regular laser forest full of wolves.

We made these videos when we were young, and I feel like sharing. 

Don’t forget about this one.


C’mon you guys, I’m meditating!

We started to make spec-commercials for our beloved consignment store, Savers. We truly loved Savers for its eccentric finds and affordable prices. All of our cool friends, the ones we like, got together on the darkest of nights and decided to make something of our lives! We decided that the only genuine way to pay Savers real tribute was to make amazingly righteous videos that were short, weird, and extraordinary.

Genius formula.

Mark Jackson is the greatest Ninja.

Mark Jackson’s timeless pose from the Savers Commercial effortlessly titled “Ninja Jackson.”

One of my favorite commercials was our friend Koba who destroyed everyone in the room with his hilariousness. I was having a hard time holding the camera because I was about to burst my pant seems from laughter. Let it be known that he improvised the whole scene in one take. Please enjoy.

Mark Jackson
Alan Godshaw
Christopher Schroeder

All-Star Cast
Koba – Akihiko Kobayashi
Savers Training Leader – Jack Nelson
Dr. Kassandre Jones D.D.S – Brandon Frank
Actual Pregnant – Lori Frank
Ninja Jackson – Mark Jackson
New Employee – Alan Godshaw
Voice Over – Christopher Schroeder

Savers, what a nice supermarket!


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