My absolutely beloved and astounding friends
Please enjoy your stay here, like floating through a lupine meadow, or any regular laser forest full of wolves.

A story about three best friends having a sleepover. Exciting things happen when pizza, soda, and hormones are involved.

“Cool dudes are going to do some freestyle rap.”

We made this video at 3:30am on the night before Becca had to return back to college at CAL Berkeley from winter break. I was in love with her and wanted a reason to stay over at her parent’s house for the night, a perfect storm to justify staying up that late. I was holding the camera for the majority of this gem, but we took turns as you may have noticed. After she finished packing her suitcases, Becca held the camera until the end. Before I forget, Becca is one of the smartest and genuinely talented and under-appreciated humans I have had the pleasure to know. Her parents really were sleeping in the next room but we decided to throw caution to the wind and scream away.

We all had such a blast making this, we grew closer together, and we all walked away with just a bit more empathy and compassion in our hearts. Let the record show, we did have to do multiple takes for certain moments, due to our uncontrollable laughter. What we have below is a rough cut, and unfortunately, the last release, since the original has been erased. That being said, sometimes it is best not to trifle with the past. Honorable mention goes to the radical keyboard melody playing throughout our video. Please enjoy.

Austin Hunter
Jack Nelson
Alan Godshaw

All-Star Cast
Becca Hunter – Camera
Larry Teasdale- Austin Hunter
Tony Rizzo- Jack Nelson
Rodney Pasqual- Alan Godshaw


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