1. Mr. Godshaw, I’m doing research on Karate for my organization. I saw on your list first is Ohgusuku, I’ve gotten some of his history but need more. You place his year of birth around 1430. I’m interested how you got this information and where I may be able to obtain it. Please at your earliest convenience email me, I will be travelling to Okinawa next year for holiday and further research. I thank you for your list and information on all the teachers of Okinawan Karate.


    1. Sure! Thanks for the comment. Wikipedia has an article on him, just search Uni Ufugusuku. Here is another link to some information about him, http://ryukyuma.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-ufugusuku-legacy.html

      In any case, If you mean someone else with the same last name, yes, there are many people with that family name that have a rich Karate and Kobudo history. When you go to Okinawa, please go to the monument dedicated to Ufugusuku Kenyu to obtain more information about him. He had an incredible life. Some other Karate practitioners with the same spelling of their family name, although pronounced in modern Japanese are Ōshiro Chōjō and Oshiro Nobuko.

      大城 = Ufugusuku is also pronounced Oshiro in Japanese.


      1. Mr. Godshaw,,
        Thank you for your response to my inquiry of Ufugusuku. My trip to Okinawa will happen in late October 2017. I will be looking for family members descended from Ufugusuku. Our late teacher Oyata Seiyu Sensei, trained with one of his descendants after WWII. Oyata Sensei received extensive training in the Ufugusuku family weapon system.
        Where else may I search for more of the information that you have here. I have been ” volunteered ” to be my karate organization’s historian. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated.


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