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Am I a Werewolf?

Yes, verily I say unto thee, I am a werewolf.

Behold! The picture to the left is what I drew when Mr. Broberg, my wonderful 2nd-grade teacher, asked us to draw what we wanted to be for Halloween. Naturally, I drew myself as a werewolf.

Most righteous Halloween ever. Ever.

The picture to the right is the happiest child you have ever seen. I couldn’t even grimace for the photo because I was smiling so much. I still look the same, just hairier.

I will always be grateful to my mother, who is the most amazing mom on the planet for helping me put this lifestyle “costume” together. She cut the large hairy parts from a caveman wig we had, and glued them to my clothes, she also sewed the ears to the headpiece, so pretty much all the hard parts. I watched in awe how she made a dream of mine and many others come true, and I have been inspired by her countless times since.

Please enjoy,

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