How to Become a Wizard

Follow these three easy steps to become a legendary wizard.

1. Grow a Beard – The longer the better
2. Carry a Staff – Customize it to match your personal alignment
3. Do Magic – The real stuff…like summoning meteors and the like

*Robes are not required, but are suggested. Trust me, you will thank me when the cops pull you over.

Actual Wizard
Wizard using his powers for the good of humanity
Seriously, his staff is hovering behind him, invisible to the naked eye. He is just THAT kind of wizard.

Now, check out this guy.
See, he's an asshole.
This guy has no beard and no staff! I mean, come on! Also, his sword is objectively bad ass, but the robes are a little tattered. Above all, the thing that throws me off is the “Sports!” Seriously! Are there many wizards that are into sports?

Any sports wizards out there feel free to respond.


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