Little Ninjas

Little Ninjas IMDB

3 Ninjas copied our shitty movie, but I can’t hold a grudge, they clearly have the better film. Also, some acting classes could have helped our production value.

The French-Canadian cover

The only thing I have to say is this, it took us 2 years to finish this “film.” During post-production, my voice had changed so much that it was too low for my image on screen and didn’t match other parts in the film. They asked me to speak in a higher voice to compensate…the rest is history. Subsequently, all of the sound people have died violent deaths from Hyena attacks.

Here are some stills from the film.

Banjoo is guy on the left.

Here is the NES game that never was. Thanks to Chris Steele for this gem.

This film should have been an actual comedy.

I laughed 32 times during this actor’s death scene. He was just too hilarious. Also, they kept this IN THE FILM where I started to laugh and feebly attempt to change it into a “I’m about to cry, laugh” moment. I realize as I am typing this that it was probably the best take.


My most flattering still from the film.

Please Enjoy


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am a fan of the “3 ninjas” movies, and hope to see your movie to some time. My niece and nephews also enjoy just about any martial arts movie with kids in it. It is awesome that you have a sense of humor about it and don’t let the critics get to you.


    1. Haaha! Thank you very much. Yeah, I live in Hollywood now, so it really does help to have a sense of humor about things like that. Thank you for your comment and high fives all around to you and your niece and nephews!


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