Nishi Kawaguchi

video Info
  • Concept
    Alan Godshaw

    All Star Cast
    Takeshi Yamamoto – Toru Matsumura
    Bozu – Alan Godshaw
    Patrick McPheron - Director of Photography
    Lok Hwa – P.A. & D.A.
    Chris Dowske - Sound
    Becca Hunter - Script Supervisor
    Toru Matsumura – Script Supervisor (Japanese)

    A story about an American living in Japan who gets mixed up with a crooked loan-shark. Martial Arts with some humor but I also want some drama!

    The title image above was created from the official Kawaguchi City crest as the background.

    Nishi-Kawaguchi is the city Becca and I lived in while we were teaching English in Japan, it’s in Saitama Prefecture. It really is a wonderful place that literally had anything and everything we ever dreamed of. It is ironic that I am exploiting one of the more popularized, although over-hyped perspectives of Nishi-Kawaguchi, because I felt right at home there. Everyone was friendly to us and the food was delicious. Delicious food is a top priority.

    Toru really was amazing on this project, he helped me with the Japanese speaking parts of the script, let me punch on him and drove an hour just to help with the shoot. His acting really is spot on, I couldn’t be happier with his performance.

    Lok is the Lead Lighting Artist for DreamWorks Animation and is in high demand these days. We were lucky to have him work on this project. He was instrumental on set.

    This was my first attempt at a web-series and I am happy with the first episode. The second episode is in the works and should be released within the next couple of months.

    Please enjoy


Karate · 空手道

Today I found an old video of myself doing Karate. Oh yeah, I’m a martial artist.

I have been doing Martial arts my whole life.   I am a 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate and have been an instructor for 20 years.  I also practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, and Muay Thai.  When I was living in Japan, I also trained in Judo.

Please enjoy,

Blood Portrait

*Ring Ring (actual phone sounds)
Patrick: “Hey, bring your sword over here and some of that fake blood, I have an idea.”
Alan: “<3″

Patrick McPheron did his magic with the camera, he really is the best.  Just some character type things that may or may not be used in any future projects.  I really love these.  Fun with swords? Yes, please.  If I ever do finish writing some scripts, this character will most likely go to a Joseph Gordon-Levitt type, you know, a skinny not bald person.

Please Enjoy