Flipping Out

About Me

Hello Beloved Friend,

Enjoy your stay here, like a gentle walk in a lupin meadow, or any regular laser forest.

My intention is to go on adventures, be weird, while moving the planet one millimeter.

Let’s make a million dollars cooperatively by doing projects for everyone’s benefit.

I’ve taken Upright Citizens Brigades’s Improv curriculum, I love it, and wish to get better.

I’m also taking “acting” classes at different places in LA.  It’s an interesting path to pursue.

If you like, you can hire me to say lines in a way that is comedic or dramatic on camera.

I’m actually not a crazy person, but for sure I’m a werewolf.  I don’t smoke or drink.

I make music to express my gratitude for every ridiculous moment’s majesty.

Martial arts are fun, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling and Karate.

I respect languages, and speak English, some Japanese, and some Spanish.

I met Billy Blanks at a Brazilian festival in Japan, it was whimsical.

A bird flew into my room, and I enchanted it with a flute.

All my love in every possible world,

Alan Godshaw

Speak your mind.

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