About Me

Beloved Friend

Enjoy your stay here, like a walk in a lupin meadow, or any regular laser forest.

My intention is to go on adventures, be weird, while moving the planet one millimeter.

Let’s make a million dollars cooperatively by doing projects for everyone’s benefit.

I’ve taken Upright Citizens Brigades’s Improv curriculum, I love it, and wish to get better.

I’m also taking “acting” classes at different places in LA.  It’s an interesting path to pursue.

Hire me to say lines in a way that is comedic or dramatic on camera.

I make music to express my gratitude for every ridiculous moment’s majesty.

Martial arts are fun, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling and Karate.

I like languages. I speak English, some Japanese, and some Spanish.

I met Billy Blanks at a Brazilian festival in Japan, it was whimsical.

One time a bird flew into my room, and I enchanted it with a flute.

All my love in every possible world,

Alan Godshaw


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